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For me customer service is the most important thing when working with a company, and West Kensington Removal Van have got it in spades. Their booking team were really on the ball when I called up for a quote, and when I had some queries about the moving services I'd booked, the customer service guys were so helpful and really made me feel valued. On top of that the actual moving work was done swiftly, and very efficiently. All in all, a very good experience.
Maureen P.18/09/2017
What a breath of fresh air Removal Firm is! Not only are the prices a welcome relief to other house removals services but the service is impeccable too! Am always concerned about choosing a company to transport my belongings but have found a company I can trust here! Highly recommend this team - incredibly professional.
Dani D.19/05/2016
Being on my own and moving to a big city, I was really nervous about venturing out on my own and starting a new life for myself in a place that was foreign for me. That's why I planned my move meticulously down to every little detail. A large part of the moving process was based upon WestKensingtonRemovals and their removal services, and my word did they do a good job. They turned up on time and worked efficiently, not to mention, their team were very friendly and did a great job putting me at ease.
Charlotte P.17/03/2015
WestKensingtonRemovals is, without a doubt, the best company I have ever used for removals! My mates and I moved house a few weeks ago and none of us had time to sort it all out. So we put our money together and hired a professional company that seemed to have a good name. As had been said about them, they did a fantastic job of taking care of our move. It could not have gone better. We're all really happy and more than pleased with the price.
If you're moving into a new office or starting up an office business then I really recommend that you hire this company! WestKensingtonRemovals's office removal service is perfection on all counts, with excellent staff who are trained and experienced and low prices that are great for your business. I got all of the help that I needed, plus a lot of advice and assistance that I found really useful! This is a great service if you're looking for a hassle-free office move and I recommend them 100%! I received excellent customer care and the service was professional and smooth. I'm a very happy customer!
Thomas A.25/07/2014
With regards to moving house, I have not the foggiest idea as to where to start. I'd love to say that I had a lot to do with our recent move, but really, WestKensingtonRemovals took the reins, and made it happen in an incredibly efficient way, that I could not quite believe! With that said, it was all done at a great price as well, so there was nothing that we were left wanting for! All of this great value service from a lovely team who we got on well with, we were very impressed indeed!
Evelyn Walker07/07/2014
Our company needed something special to make sure that we got moved into the new place as quickly and as easily as possible. Rather than having a mad dash across town, we decided to call in the professionals and it was with their help that we got all that was needed into the new office and were up and running again in no time. WestKensingtonRemovals were the company and I can honestly say that they did not put a foot wrong throughout the entire procedure. It's nice to know that there are companies out there who are very capable.
Arthur Brown26/06/2014
WestKensingtonRemovals moved my family and I two days ago, and I don't have one bad word to say about them. Our move was very much one conducted and planned at the last minute - we didn't confirm the time with them until the evening of the day before! - but this wasn't a problem for WestKensingtonRemovals, thankfully! They were really sweet and understanding, and made sure they had a van on reserve for us as and when we needed it. Their staff were very warm and very efficient! Everything landed in one piece and it took half the time we expected.
Andrew Nell11/06/2014
WestKensingtonRemovals are missing a trick by not having the word ‘AMAZING' in their title! Well, to be fair, having met some of their staff, they don' t strike me as a company which needs to boast about its abilities - they're a bunch of down to earth, friendly and personable guys who love what they do. We were impressed with their approach and overall personality from the off and are very happy customers indeed. They managed to get the entire contents of our office packed up completely within the space of three hours! Record breaking stuff.
Ian Wright21/05/2014
If you need some great help when it comes to moving home, then I can definitely suggest that you hire these guys as soon as possible. After a few terrible moves, I can certainly say that I was struggling to find a way in which I could move home simply and easily. That's when I came across WestKensingtonRemovals and the help which they were able to provide me with was hugely welcome when it came to moving home. I cannot recommend their services highly enough and everyone should give them a call. Thanks again.
Lawrence H.29/04/2014
If you need a fantastic removals team, then you can do no better than giving WestKensingtonRemovals a ring. They will always ensure that you get the best treatment, and at a price that makes sense for your budget. I have used them a couple of times, and must say that I would not recommend them to you if I didn't think they were the best! A great removal at a decent price is all I really needed, but the team have always been friendly and on it, which makes for an easy and successful removal overall!
I'd never hired a removal company before, but the only time I'd moved house had ended up being a complete nightmare. I knew I wanted to do it differently this time, and I'm absolutely amazed at the difference that WestKensingtonRemovals made! The first time I moved I was stressed, I did my back in lifting my table and I ended up ripping the lino when I moved my fridge. It was horrible, but my man with a van from this company ensured that none of these things happened! It was such a smooth process, and definitely worth the price. Thanks for everything!
Dave K.04/04/2014
Must say that I found the help of WestKensingtonRemovals to be beyond anything I've come to expect from a removals company. Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but I've found that there's always something which can go wrong during even the simplest of moves. Not this time though. Not only did nothing go wrong, and not only was the service incredibly professional and efficient, but they managed to provide said service at an incredibly low price. Because of this, I have no regrets in recommending them to anybody and everybody who might need help with moving home.
Scott O.05/03/2014
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